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2024 - InsomniHack 2024 presentation

Standing on the Shoulders of Giant(Dog)s: A Kubernetes Attack Graph Model

Recording Slides Dashboard PoC

This presentation explains why the tool was created and what problem it tries to solve. 2 demos were showed:

  • A PoC of a dashboard was created to show how interesting KPI can be extracted easily from KubeHound.
  • A specific notebook to show how to shift from a can of worms to the most critical vulnerability in a Kubernetes Cluster with a few KubeHound requests.

It also showed how the tool has been built and lessons we have learned from the process.

2023 - Release v1.0 annoucement

KubeHound: Identifying attack paths in Kubernetes clusters

Blog Article

Blog article published on securitylabs as a tutorial 101 on how to use the tools in different use cases:

It also explain briefly how the tools works (what is under the hood).