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Tne entities represents all the vertices in KubeHound graph model. Those are an abstract representation of a Kubernetes component that form the vertices of the graph.


For instance: PERMISSION_SET is an abstract of Role and RoleBinding.

ID Description
COMMON Common properties can be set on any vertices within the graph.
CONTAINER A container image running on a Kubernetes pod. Containers in a Pod are co-located and co-scheduled to run on the same node.
ENDPOINT A network endpoint exposed by a container accessible via a Kubernetes service, external node port or cluster IP/port tuple.
IDENTITY Identity represents a Kubernetes user or service account.
NODE A Kubernetes node. Kubernetes runs workloads by placing containers into Pods to run on Nodes. A node may be a virtual or physical machine, depending on the cluster.
PERMISSION_SET A permission set represents a Kubernetes RBAC Role or ClusterRole, which contain rules that represent a set of permissions that has been bound to an identity via a RoleBinding or ClusterRoleBinding. Permissions are purely additive (there are no "deny" rules).
POD A Kubernetes pod - the smallest deployable units of computing that you can create and manage in Kubernetes.
Volume Volume represents a volume mounted in a container and exposed by a node.