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A container image running on a Kubernetes pod. Containers in a Pod are co-located and co-scheduled to run on the same node.

Properties that are interesting to attackers can be set at a Pod level such as hostPid, or container level such a capabilities. To simplify the graph model, the container node is chosen as the single source of truth for all host security related information. Any capabilities derived from the containing Pod are set ONLY on the container (and inheritance/override rules applied)


Property Type Description
name string Name of the container in Kubernetes
image string Docker the image run by the container
command []string The container entrypoint
args []string List of arguments passed to the container
capabilities []string List of additional capabilities added to the container via k8s securityContext
privileged bool Whether the container is run in privileged mode
privesc bool Whether the container can gain more privileges than its parent process details here
hostPid bool Whether the container can access the host’s PID namespace
hostIpc bool Whether the container can access the host’s IPC namespace
hostNetwork bool Whether the container can access the host’s network namespace
runAsUser int64 The user account the container is running under e.g 0 for root
ports []string List of ports exposed by the container
pod string The name of the pod running the container
node string The name of the node running the container

Common Properties